The history of the Anne-Mariée brand

The bridal fashion brand started its journey two generations back.
A small family business, which specialized in wedding and evening pret-a-couture dress sewing, was working responsibly to become the Anne-Mariée brand, which has been chosen by thousands of brides.

Oksana Pravnyk, the owner and designer of the brand, like no one else knows how to create a perfect wedding dress.
Her main work principle remains unchangeable: perfection in every single detail.

Values. What do we stand for?

Uniqueness of the product
Uniqueness of the product

You can feel the designer’s unique signature in each dress – all the details and materials are chosen with exquisite taste.

Masterful execution and many hours of virtuosic handwork set our dresses apart from the others and allow us to be on the same wavelength with modern fashion trends.

Undoubtedly, lightness and elegance are the style indicators of Anne-Mariée.

Precious fabrics only
Precious fabrics only

We understand how important it is for the bride to feel like a queen in a dream dress, and that’s why we use peerless fabrics from leading world manufacturers. These reliable partners always ensure the stability of our production. 

Materials chosen by the designer, in her opinion, will be on top over the next season.

And all because during the selection, she focuses on exceptional tactility and deep knowledge of textile manufacturing.

The softest and airy tulle, delicate mikado silk, and the most weightless organza you will want to touch again and again – it’s all about our dresses.

Modern approach
Modern approach

We love to keep up with the times, so we are not afraid of experiments!

Obsessed with new silhouettes, we combine different materials, using innovative methods and technologies.

However our philosophy is based on people and traditional human touches as well. Our specialists are using calibrated hand tailoring and decorate each dress carefully by hand.

Respecting the individuality
Respecting the individuality

An outdated stereotype for us is that girls can feel uncomfortable in wedding dresses.

Having own production allows us to change the design of the bride’s gown the way she wants.

One more split, another lace, different detachable elements? Not a problem at all.

We can fulfill all the customer’s dreams, while they will only enjoy the process of preparing for the wedding.

Flexibility - is our power
Flexibility - is our power

It’s a challenge to be a Ukrainian brand that operates during the war, but we have managed to adapt. Despite the instability, we have set up agile logistics. We have been developing and growing…

But the most important-we provide workplaces for people who do their best and this is our response to the new reality.

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