The history of the brand Anne-Mariee

Дизайнер бренда Оксана Правник, Anne-Mariee

Family company of the third generation which specializes in wedding and evening pret-a-couture dresses sewing. At first a small family business later grow to become a brand Anne-Mariee, which has been choosing by brides in whole Europe and USA.

Oksana Pravnyk, designer of the brand follows a concept: uncommon design of wedding dresses, comfort for every bride, perfect execution of each product.

We use peerless fabrics from leading world manufacturers, combine it with mastery and tenacious work of Ukrainian specialists.
Unconditional love of the whole team to their business unite best masters with general ideа to produce unique, unusually light, harmonious dress.

We are proud of our quality, sewing methods and finishing. Our specialists are using calibrated hand tailoring, traditional technologies and innovative methods. The delicate flair of the designer and the ability to masterly combine fabrics allow the brand to go half a step ahead of the current trends in the world of wedding and evening fashion.

История бренда Anne-Mariee

Why do people choose us

Family business

Everything what we do is not just business, for us it is a family heritage. The third generation of our family is working on the Anne-Mariee brand, and we, like no one else, know how to create the perfect wedding dress.

We know how to combine materials, how to choose the most delicate lace and the most weightless organza. We treat the wedding business with great love, which is handed down from generation to generation in our family.

Preserving the trade

In modern industry, almost everything is automated and most processes are controlled by machines. But we have been keeping the knowledge of production process for generations, and have always favoured human touch. In our case, it is always intellectual work and materials of excellent quality.

At every production stage, all details are worked out by professional masters with more than 20 years of experience in our production. Our team knows like nobody else how to create the perfect dress for the most exciting day in a woman’s life.

Original design

We favour original approach to everything, and that is why the brand designer Oksana Pravnyk personally designs all models. We do not copy products of world and local brands, we work in our own designer field. In every dress, absolutely everything is our intention: from the silhouette of the gown to the smallest details and decorative elements.

Quality materials only

We follow the development of the textile market and regularly attend specialized trade fairs. There we buy only the highest quality materials from European factories. We are confident that a good wedding dress can not be made from poor-quality materials.

Fair price

We do not set exorbitant prices, as is often the case in the wedding market. Our prices are fair. We support handwork, first-class quality of materials and the original design and charge fair money for it.

Personalized approach

We love individuality and appreciate it in our clients. Therefore, in addition to the main collection, we have an atelier, where the future bride can come for a dream dress.

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